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"The Diabetes Massage Method"™ How To Prevent The Complications Of Diabetes And Save Your Feet from Ulcers and Amputations:

This is a self care routine that includes a book and videos. This method makes it easy, convenient and pleasurable for diabetics of any age and physical condition to massage themselves, thus fighting the complications such as poor circulation, neuropathy, high blood glucose levels and pain.

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The Drug Free, All Natural and Non Invasive Sacral Stabilizer. The principal behind the Sacro Wedgy® is a well known theory called the "keystone" theory. The sacrum, often referred to as the foundation of the spine, compares to the "keystone" or the last stone to be put in place when constructing an arch. If this stone is out of place or if the sacrum is torqued out of balance, collapse will occur. By lying and relaxing with the Sacro Wedgy® isolating, cradling and elevating only the sacrum and combined with proper support under the neck, a gentle natural traction system is created allowing surrounding, out of balance, muscles the freedom to relax and rebalance. It comes in a female and male version to fit your anatomy.

Once your back problem is solved, the Sacro Wedgy® can be used as prevention. Actually the best time to relax on the Sacro Wedgy® and neck support is when you are not in pain. It is always easiest to prevent then to cure.

Includes Neck Support and Sacro Wedgy® for only $43.