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Testimonials, Mary Wetherill NMT, CMT:

"Mary has been a tremendous help to my overall well-being. I've visited numerous massage therapists and Mary is the best by far. Not only does she have an excellent technique, but you know she is knowledgeable and trained. She explains what muscles she is working on, what that muscle does and how it's attached to the body and/or other muscle groups. So not only am I getting relief with the massage, but understanding the problem. Neuromuscular massage is a deeper massage and has had a very positive affect in my overall health. I have sent, and recommended, other clients to Mary and they too have been very pleased."

-Sarah Grieco, Saddle Brook, NJ


Dr. Joseph M. Amoia, D.C. of New Jersey says:

"I have had the privilege of meeting Mary Wetherill, a licensed massage therapist and author of "The Diabetes Massage Method". Mary is SO much more than a neuromuscular therapist who relieves chronic pain for individuals and athletes alike!!! She's even worked at the US Open. Finally, I have met a massage therapist who grasps the truths of health and healing that comes from within."


"After my massage with Mary, I feel sooooooo relaxed today...slept very well & my right arm felt so much better. I was able to survive 2 hrs of snowshoeing on Sat. & one hr of cross country on Sun. My knee felt like brand new, no more tendon clicking either. Thanks again for the massage. Playing tennis the next 4 weeks. I couldn't do it with out you Mary."

-Linda Pescak, Franklin Lakes, NJ Tennis player


"THANK YOU MARY!.. I'm feeling really good after your treatment & I don't want to go to long with out another massage as it is what healed me.... so when it works it works! You are the best. Thanks Mary."

-Peg Contillo, Mahwah, NJ Psycotherapist

"Mary, I thank you for all your help increasing the range of motion in my broken left shoulder.But I especially thank you for the treatment on my lower back yesterday. Although a tad painful at the time, I experienced no pain this morning. I actually walked into the bathroom in an upright position, a first in quite awhile. I am also able to get in and out of my car pain free and walk about without appearing to be searching the parking lot for dropped change. I haven't felt this good in several months. Thanks again."

- Len Hodap, Hopatcong NJ


"Mary's "Diabetes Massage Method" offers many benefits to those with Diabetes. Massage helps to decrease production of stress hormones , thereby preventing blood sugar levels from rising. In fact during massage, studies have shown that blood sugar levels actually decrease. Circulation, which is often impaired in diabetics, improves. Gentle massage of feet and legs can be especially beneficial. Also, it can increase tissue elasticity. Due to high blood sugar levels, diabetics may have thickened connective tissue. Massage can decrease stiffness and offer greater mobility. It is important to note that if you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, open sores, or other complications form your illness, please get your doctors permission before getting massage treatments."

-Krista Schellinck, RN, BSN, Stan Hope, NJ


Dr. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM and Medical Director of Advanced Concepts in Medicine, a clinic specializing in the treatment of chronic conditions says:

"This is a must read book for every Diabetic. The Diabetes Massage Method, when combined with the appropriate medical treatment,can mean the difference between losing a limb due to amputation, forever changing your life, versus saving your extremity and leading a normal life."

- N. Carolina

Reiki Testimonials

“I had no idea what to expect but knowing and trusting Reiki, I allowed myself to be completely bathed in it's healing energy! When Cristy put her loving hands on my jaw, I felt a release and felt one tear drop float down my face, which was so surprising to me. When we were finished she told me that she was working on my past!! I never experienced any energy healing modality and feel totally confident that I was meant to have Reiki help me on my path of healing while gently, lovingly and passionately illuminate my way!! Thank you Cristy. Much Love and Peace xox"

-Geri Topfer


"Stillness, calming, peaceful and soothing, the only words than describe the Reiki session I received!"

-Jeanne Placier, NJ


"I had my very first Reiki treatment two weeks ago. I didn't know what to expect. Cristy made me feel 100% percent safe. I literally put myself in her hands. She is kind, effective, gentle, and totally focused. I felt like I had gone on vacation afterwards. Aware of energy moving in my body, and energized for the rest of the day!"

-Penni Feiner, NJ


"I was relaxed & felt supported with Reiki. Cristy's touch lifted my spirit to a new level of peaceful thoughts. Her sincere touch gave me a burst full of energy & bliss! I can't wait to have another session!"

-Marla Sacks, NJ


"I had spent a lovely summer day working side by side with Cristy teaching yoga to Autistic children and their families on the beach last summer. After a very fulfilling and inspirational day, at the close of the event, Cristy treated me to a Reiki session on the beach! It was truly a most blissful experience! Cristy's tender yet experienced touch instantly brought me a sense of ease and comfort. I really felt that she connected with and tuned into my energy and I could feel the gentle shifts, energetically, taking place within my body. Coupled with the elements of the day; the feel of the sand beneath me, the smell of the salt in the air, the gentle summer's breeze passing over my body and the soothing sound of the ocean, Cristy's skillful and gifted touch left me with a complete sense of peace and well-being."

-Tara Staccato, NJ